New members desire many things from the fraternity. They expect these things when they become full members, and they expect them during their education period. They want:

  • To make friends
  • To have a positive experience with their organization
  • To learn about the organization
  • To feel wanted and needed
  • To be informed as to what the chapter expects from them
  • To join an organization, not a disorganization
  • To be respected as individuals and members
  • To be helped in adjusting to campus life, college classes, and chapter responsibilities
  • To have fair treatment and not be subservient to initiated members
  • To do only the work that initiated members do
  • To respect older members
  • To have initiation or membership requirements, but not to have to earn active status through personal favors, competition or juvenile activities
  • To have lots of fun. After all, what did everyone tell them during recruitment?

If the chapter offers these things, it has a successful program; and there are many activities that lead to such a program. Remember, if you have any doubt whether something is hazing or not, don't do it. Find an alternative

Adapted from page 40 of the FIPR Risk Management Manual (pdf)

Kansas - § 21-3434

Class B misdemeanor - prohibits intentionally encouraging another person to perform an act, which could reasonably be expected to result in great bodily harm, for initiation purposes.

Being found guilty for such a violation could carry a maximum penalty of $1000 fine and 6 months in county jail.

Report Hazing

To report a hazing incident, fill out the Hazing Report Form

Report an Incident

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report Form.

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