Kansas Athletics supports the University of Kansas in its efforts to prevent hazing.  Kansas Athletics does not condone hazing in any form.  The following information is provided to all student-athletes at KU in the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct:

Hazing is defined in the University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, as “An offense against a person …when a student ‘Engages in hazing of another person for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, or continuation of membership in any organization operating under the sanction of the University. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any action, activity or situation which recklessly, negligently or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health, welfare or safety of a person, creates excessive fatigue, sleep deprivation, mental or physical discomfort, exposes a person to extreme embarrassment or ridicule, involves personal servitude, destroys or removes public or private property, or implicitly or explicitly interferes with the academic requirements or responsibilities of a student. It is presumed that hazing is a forced activity regardless of the apparent willingness of an individual to participate in the activity. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of hazing is not neutral; both are violations of this rule.’”

The term "hazing" does not include an action sponsored by an institution of higher education which requires any athletic practice, conditioning or completion of curricular activity.

Penalties in cases of individual violators are outlined in the KU Student Handbook.  Organizations found to be encouraging or authorizing hazing may be subject to suspension or termination of activities, as well as any penalties pursuant to the penal law.

Student-athletes at the University of Kansas are educated on hazing prevention primarily through the KU LEADS program.  The KU LEADS program addresses hazing prevention in its Freshmen Leadership Curriculum as well as during Emergent Leadership Retreats. 

Finally, the NCAA, the University of Kansas, and Kansas Athletics are committed to good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.  Kansas Athletics has incorporated the following ideas from the NCAA in its practice of hazing prevention:

From the NCAA:  Is it hazing or team building?


Team Building

Humiliates and degrades

Promotes respect and dignity

Tears down individuals

Supports and empowers

Creates division

Creates real teamwork

Lifelong nightmares

Lifelong memories

Shame and secrecy

Pride and integrity

Is a power trip

Is a shared positive experience

Student-athletes may report hazing to coaches, assistant coaches, sport supervisors, or the Kansas Athletics Sport Psychologist.  Additionally, they may fill out the University of Kansas anonymous online Hazing Report form.

Report Hazing

To report a hazing incident, fill out the Hazing Report Form

Report an Incident

To report an incident, fill out the Incident Report Form.

Request a Presentation

To request a presentation about hazing, risk management, recruitment or other topics, fill out the Request a Presentation Form.

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